Remote-Controlled lifebuoy R1 Deployed in Hebei Dec 16, 2020

JTT Rescue Case Information

Date August 20, 2020
Hebei, China
Challenges & tasks
Rescuing in long river
Unmanned rapid rescue
Successfully saved in one minute
Water Rescue Robot R1

Case Description

Yongding river is one of the main tributaries in the Hai River system and the largest river to flow through Beijing. The Yongding River is 650 kilometers long.

Remote-Controlled lifebuoy R1, carried a swim ring payload, successfully launched in the river with our nearest rescue organization partner, 10 seconds after our rescue partner received a call from passerby, urgently saying there’s a drowning person struggling up and down the surface and the river current seems strong down under.

Rescue Team Partner Uses R1 as Our Smart Rescue Device

We had found him according to the location described by the passerby and then the rescue partner used remote control to control R1 at the speeds of 7 meters per second. And that was still 50 meters away from the victim but then it took 7 seconds to reach the person. After the victim finally grasped of the robot, he was able to breathe properly then he also got to wear the swim ring carried by the robot, and he was safe and taken back to the shore.

Water Rescue Robot R1 is the most compact, versatile and affordable unmanned water rescue device. This device can be widely applied to different applications such as water public security, emergency management, tourist spots management, flood fighting & relief providing and so on, within government departments, on commercial ships and boats of all sizes.

Rescue Team Partner Uses R1 as Our Smart Rescue Device

Business Pain Points
1.Lack of rapid rescue device along the river
2.There’s usually a strong current down the water where victim might be moving with
3.When winter comes, it’s making it harder to save a person immediately

Solutions & Advantages
1.Water rescue robot R1 can go at the speeds of 7m/s
2.It can be put along the river where people can get and throw it into the river and get the rescue operation started whenever they need
3.It’s more convenient to execute rescue operations than those calling on help while waiting, if ready on the street

Results & Values
1.It takes shorter to launch a rescue operation within the golden rescue time for victims
2.Less cost of patrolling on water
3.It can carry different kinds of payloads in terms of application scenes to leverage its values to the most

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