Integrated Air Sea Rescue Dec 16, 2020

Integrated Air Sea Rescue Solution

The rescue cooperation of drone and JTT water rescue robot is of an intelligent solution for water rescue with air-to-sea linkage and collaboration. It can be effectively applied to various waters, such as  seas, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, etc., can achieve rapid arrival at rescue points and improve rescue efficiency for rescue teams. Integrated Air-sea Rescue Solution launched is to solve the problems of not saving people in time during the emergency. Especially when monsoon sweeps across south Asia and other parts of the world, causing river floods,death toll, damage and loss increase.

Water Rescue Robot R1 is able to load various payloads and plays a role in rescue missions.

When rescue robot is patrolling or rescuing, speaker loaded on the robot can realize 3km wireless transmission, and signal or comfort those who fell into the water through speaking,improveing rescue efficiency.

With GoPro camera, rescue robot can record and collect evidence while rescuing or searching, and provide assistance for incident analysis.

Alarm's light penetrating the fog even under bad weather to alert and siren nearby ships, indicates that the robot is performing work with the alarm. No approach.

It can drag multiple lifebuoys, in the case of multiple people falling into the water at the same time, so as to provide more chances of saving.

Life-saving bag

It can quickly and automatically provide more opportunities to grasp the bag on water after released.

Face Recognition:

During the flight cruise, the drone can quickly find anomalies and recognize the face, and then cooperate with the water rescue robot to take rescue measures together.

Speaker System:

The speaker system carried by the drone can reassure the trapped persons by telling them to stay calm during the emergency.

Video Transmission:

Live video, brings more accurate judgments and countermeasures to rescue personnel in terms of the danger, and improve rescue efficiency for teams on-site.


It can drop dry fire extinguishing powder, life-saving kits, and medical emergency supplies to achieve air, sea, and ground medical rescue to ensure life safety.

Target Recognition & Tracking:

Can manually operate theline of sight movement, lock the target, automatically track the target, and understand the real situation of moving objects in emergency rescue at sea.

Pointing Flight:

On the map, by setting and planning the route, the robot can go to the speficied location and start implementing rescue.

The air-sea rescue system has greater advantages over traditional rescue in terms of its farther rescue range, better rescue efficiency, goods delivery, timeliness and flexibility, and aerial perspective observing and recording.

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