Emergency Rescue against Flooding under Integrated Air Sea Solution in Sichuan Dec 16, 2020
JTT Rescue Case Information

July 19, 2020
Sichuan, China
Challenges & tasks
Emergency Rescue Against Flooding
Air-sea solution
Rescued in floods
Water Rescue Robot R1 & Drone C85

Case Description

On July 19 2020, that was a day raining heavy and flooding in Mianyang, Sichuan province. Emergency Department deployed rescue teams to relocate villagers and save those who were in danger, using high-tech products to combat the disaster.

Drone and water rescue robot, a kind of unmanned surface vessel(USV), joined the battle against flood that caused danger in lives and properties loss, with rescue teams together.

According to Emergency Department, there was a person who fell into a street with flood around with 1.4-meter depth but luckily got stuck right there. While drone C85 was patrolling above to observe the whole flooding situation in the village, a rescuer found that there’s a person there struggling and waving at it. Yet, the thing was the distance was quite far away from where the rescue boat was - it was 2 kilometers away - and the flooding had made everything so chaotic on the way which had made the boat difficult to get through the obstacles immediately. So taking the victim to a safer place from the point he could be taken away by flood anytime was literally an emergency by far.

Emergency Department Deployed Rescue Robot R1

The rescuer then came out with a method using JTT Integrated Air Sea Solution which is a drone & rescue robot collaboration system for long distance rescue especially for this kind of situation. Rescuer deployed water rescue robot R1, as the drone had been patrolling already. R1 then automatically extended its range to 8km under air-sea linkage. The rescuer subsequently used APP that can plan the route of where rescue robot R1 went, using autonomous GPS navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance function for R1.

Integrated Air-sea Solution

As they were reaching the victim, drone was playing 4k video of how it was going while R1 was saving the victim. As it gradually came close to him, he grasped it properly then rescuer used the highest speed of R1 to drive through the current to a safer place where there’s no such danger in the middle of the street. He then finally reached a place full of sacks of sand and climbed it up to the sand. Emergency Department then arrived a few minutes after.

That was a collaboration system between the drone and water rescue robot that helped rescue those who were in danger even in disaster, using air-sea linkage where Emergency Department can check out where the victim is while the robot is following the drone and reaching to save the victim.

Business Pain Points:
1.Hard to get through the obstacles when using boat
2.It normally takes long for the service team gets there to rescue a person while he or she is getting drowned already
3.Difficult to find victims in floods across the whole area
4.Higher cost of using helicopter to command 

Solutions & Advantages:
1.Integrated air-sea solution(drone C85 & rescue robot R1) provides farther sight and range to rescue
2.Drone supports GPS where it can locate where the victim is and has AI face recognition to find victims
3.Rescue robot R1 can be equipped with speaker or other payloads to better function in many different rescue application scenes

Results & Values:
1.Compared with the traditional method of rescuing, air-sea rescue surely increases the efficiency and safety as a new solution
2.Air-sea solution saves much cost, having its unique
searching capability, such as supervising the whole area 
3.Traditionally, staff charges weekly or monthly but devices are operated without time limit, increasing work efficiency and meaning less cost of supervising water area
4.It also lowers the risk of rescuers who try to rescue those in need of help, as they would meet sea currents and unknown danger sometimes

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