• JTT C85 UAV assists Nanshan forest fire prevention publicity and protects green waters and green mountains
    Nov 15, 2021 JTT C85 UAV assists Nanshan forest fire prevention publicity and protects green waters and green mountains
    On November 11, 2021, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team of Xili Sub-district Office in Nanshan District carried out forest fire prevention broadcast propaganda in Xili. Shenzhen JTT Technology Co., Ltd. brought the C85 UAV to help publicize the forest fire prevention in Nanshan, Shenzhen, and protect the green waters and mountains together.   Above: Left-Captain Liu Squadron, Right-JTT Flying Hand As a national forest city, Shenzhen has a forest coverage rate of 40.68%. In November, Shenzhen is warm and dry, with many windy weather and extensive forests, making it difficult to prevent forest fires. In order to effectively strengthen forest fire prevention work, improve residents’ awareness of ecological civilization, and protect forest resources and the safety of people’s lives and property, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Xili Sub-district Office in Nanshan District is located in Jiuxiangling, Baimang Village, Liuxiandong Industrial Zone, etc. To carry out forest fire prevention propaganda, JTT Technology was invited to carry professional drone equipment and mounts, and use advanced drone technology to help forest fire prevention propaganda, improve residents’ awareness of forest fire prevention, and eliminate forest fire hazards in the bud to ensure The security of forest resources in the jurisdiction has woven a tight protection net for the green waters and green mountains.   Above: The C85 drone is mounted with a megaphone, ready to take off and broadcast propaganda The JTT Technology UAV series is equipped with a load group, which can complete tasks such as night vision, lighting, propaganda, and delivery of first aid kits through the equipment. This time, the forest fire prevention publicity carried a megaphone, and used the advantages of drones to communicate in the air from a wireless remote control distance, and completed the broadcasting publicity task quickly and efficiently.   In addition to carrying a megaphone, the JTT C85 UAV can also be equipped with infrared thermal imaging (the object is imaged by a thermal infrared sensitive CCD, which can reflect the temperature field on the surface of the object), and the airborne night vision camera (professional night vision camera) The video camera can meet the requirements of no concealment in the night environment and reduce the leakage of video surveillance pictures at night), 30x high-definition zoom camera and image transmission, visible light photoelectric load (for daytime aerial image acquisition and wireless transmission), night vision photoelectric load (Used for dark aerial image acquisition and wireless transmission), first aid kit (used for emergency medical supplies in special locations), remote detection lighting (used for wireless remote control of long-distance aerial lighting, when the infrared thermal imaging night vision device cannot work effectively, or When you need to understand the...
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  • JTT unmanned emergency rescue equipment at the 19th China International Firefighting Exhibition 2021
    Oct 18, 2021 JTT unmanned emergency rescue equipment at the 19th China International Firefighting Exhibition 2021
    The 19th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition (CHINA FIRE 2021) was held in Beijing from October 12 to 15, 2021. "CHINA FIRE" is the largest and most influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event sponsored by China Fire Protection Association, which has been successfully held for 18 times and has become an important channel for government and fire departments at all levels to purchase fire equipment and equipment. Shenzhen JTT Co., Ltd. with unmanned emergency rescue equipment in Beijing, the exhibition number: E4-202,203 C85 industrial drone C85 industrial drone consists of aerial vehicle, mount, remote control and accessories, easy to use and easy to carry, and it takes less than 30 seconds to unfold to the use state. It adopts intelligent flight control system, dual redundant sensing system with advanced functions such as TOF obstacle avoidance system and optical flow positioning system to improve safety. The remote control integrates software system, data chain system and HD image transmission system, and connects with C85 aircraft to display real-time HD images in the remote control screen, and the effective transmission distance can reach up to 5KM. T60 Industrial Drone The T60 Industrial UAV consists of a vehicle, ground station, mount, remote control and accessories to speed up and enhance the rescue process at sea by using an unmanned aerial vehicle to create the world's leading rescue service. The ground station live-streams the rescue situation on site to give rescue decisions; the remote control extends the range to achieve 10km ultra-long distance rescue. The T60 ground station serves as the operational command center for the entire UAS, and its control includes: the flight process of the vehicle, the black box flight trajectory data, the mission function of the payload, and the normal operation of the communication link. R2 Water Rescue Robot R2 water rescue robot is a government emergency, all kinds of private water rescue organizations standard rescue equipment, specifically applied to pools, reservoirs, rivers, beaches, yachts, ferries and other scenes in the water rescue. With remote control mode, support front and back double-sided driving, automatic switching mode, support the maximum 20 meters high altitude throwing use. Optional UAV to form an air-sea integrated system, control distance of more than 5 km. R1 water rescue robot R1 water rescue robot is used in water search and rescue, fire rescue, traction and towing, rescue and transportation. Rescue robot can use remote control / native dual mode control, its built-in unmanned control chip, intelligent auxiliary correction course, and has infrared intelligent body detection, a key return, loss of control return, reverse gear and other practical functions, is the standard rescue equipment for government emergency, all kinds of civil water rescue organizations, suitable for the sea, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and...
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  • JTT Rescue’s air-sea drones helps Nanning SWAT save victims
    Aug 04, 2021 JTT Rescue’s air-sea drones helps Nanning SWAT save victims
    On July 30, a water rescue drill was conducted by water rescue police and SWAT from all substations, called up by SWAT detachment of Nanning police station, in Nanning, the capital and largest city by population of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China, in order to improve water rescue quality of all the police of the city, and to provide rapid rescue operations against floods for citizens. This drill broke the traditional rescue method by having water rescue robot, drone and other advanced rescue equipment jointly participated in this drill first time ever. SWAT team member was controlling water rescue robot. (Photo: Guangxi TV) Water rescue robot R2 was bringing the drowning person back. (Photo: Guangxi TV) At 8:30 a.m., hundreds of SWAT teammates and police representatives were ready to begin the drill. Subsequently, one of the police operates drone C85 to fly up, and look for victims getting drowned on the water through C85’s smart remote control that displays videos on the screen. All of sudden, the police found out that there’s a victim struggling up and down the water, then he located the person and commanded the drone to drop and release the life-saving bag to the person, letting him breathe properly. Then, R1 and R2 water rescue robots were launched and switched on integrated air-sea rescue mode with the drone to enable them to follow where the drone went, realizing longer rescue distance and bring-back rescue service to the victims. They took them back to the shore while controlling the drone only. During the drill, underwater frogmen rescue was conducted as well, within just 3mins (the golden rescue time is within 4 minutes), three victims were rescued. The whole drill was executed intensively and orderly, embodying the great advance and seamless connectivity between people and technology. JTT aims to make rescue more advanced and more scientific with newly developed technology and equipment, in order to improve the skills of controlling drone, water rescue robot and so on, for fire department and related departments, with actions taken for guaranteeing citizens’ safety.
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  •  JTT’s water rescue robot to help rescue efforts in Henan floods
    Jul 30, 2021 JTT’s water rescue robot to help rescue efforts in Henan floods
    Since July 16, there had been extreme weather and storm in many places in Henan, the province in central china, causing floods that were threatening the people’s safety and destroying the properties. As of 12p.m., July 26,  rainfall has caused 69 deaths, damaged 1,558 villages and towns, as well as over 150 districts and counties of Henan province. On the morning of July 27, JTT with 8 teammates of BSR(Blue Sky Rescue) in Hunan go to Henan province, carrying relevant supplies and equipment as well as 2 pieces of water rescue robot R2, to conduct patrolling rescue work and so on. BSR rescue team deploys JTT water rescue robot R2 after they arrive on July 27. (Photo:JTT) The water rescue robot R2s (hereinafter called R2) brought by the teammates are most advanced water rescue equipment in relevant fields which can greatly lower the death and injury rate during the process of rescuing. R2 doesn’t operator to ride on the robot to rescue, but only through remote control to conduct the operations. In addition, R2 can link with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) by using one remote control to realize air-sea rescue, which means R2 follows wherever the drone goes, so as to more accurately reach and rescue someone who is possibly drowning. R2 can also set and plan routes on application, and feature one-key return and one-key start-off, realizing the most efficient and safer rescue operations. The rescue operation is still ongoing, and subsequently, BSR center in Hunan will gradually dispatch teammates to go to Henan, in order to assist with conducting rescue works.
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