• Water rescue robot R0 meets the needs of Emergency Department in monsoon
    Jan 28, 2021 Water rescue robot R0 meets the needs of Emergency Department in monsoon
    Flooding has always been one of the major disasters in human history. Regardless of whether they happened in rural or urban places, global property losses caused by flooding account for up to 40% of natural disasters. In China, the frequency of flood disasters also increases with the extreme weather such as heavy rain. As the southern part of our country begins to enter the rainy season in April every year until September, while the northern part starts from June to September, this usually challenges the fire protection units, making all units highly vigilant with lots of pressure. Among them, the fire brigade needs to undertake the difficult rescue tasks of rescuing people who fell into the water, salvaging cars, and rescue the people besieged by water. In the current situation where the COVID-19 has become a pandemic, water law enforcement no doubt brings more hazards to rescuers. Shenzhen JTT Technology considers the actual needs of flood emergency rescue to carry out application innovation, creating a new generation of water rescue robot called R0, in terms of R1, the older generation. It can save people by controlling the robot to those in danger on water, can tow and supply between ships and shores and can reverse when bumping into obstacles, meeting needs under special situations. Water rescue robot R0 outfitted with simplified remote control supports “Left”, “Right” , “Up” and "Down" , with easy operations to avoid contact with human from possibly getting infected, guaranteeing the safety for rescuers. Water Rescue Robot adopts double propellers propulsion that reaches people at speeds of 14.4 kilometers per hour. And it floats on water with buoyancy up to 75kg (750N). When it comes to lasting the power while running, the battery life stays 30 minutes. Therefore, it’s applied to emergency rescue, towing and supplying to  facilitate more rescuers to participate in the missions. In flood relief, the most important thing is to be quick, and the effective method in epidemic prevention and control is isolation. At this time, the advantages of unmanned device will be highlighted, providing solutions of water rescue toward unmanned driving for customers. Water rescue robot R0 is also widely used in fire departments, maritime bureaus, maritime police, public security departments, emergency flood control departments, water rescue associations, private rescue organizations, etc. In the future, with the improvement on technology, Shenzhen JTT Technology will continue to invest in research and development, bringing new breakthroughs in the field of unmanned rescue and bringing more unlimited possibilities to rescue.
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  •  Water rescue robot becomes new rescue equippment of Yangtze River China
    Jan 28, 2021 Water rescue robot becomes new rescue equippment of Yangtze River China
    In order to further enhance the Yangtze River's water emergency rescue force, water rescue robot joined the Huangshi Police Station and the Ezhou Police Station as a "new comrade" in August, as the new rescue equipment of the police stations for water patrol and rescue. Water police using water rescue robot at Yangtze River on August 6, 2020. [Photo/Staff] On August 6th and 10th, Police from Huangshi substation's water rescue division and related water police went to the police stations of the two cities to teach and train the police of the whole stations. The police were required to know how to operate rescue robots and know features of them as soon as possible to ensure the formation of water rescue in the shortest time. Water police were on training class on August 6, 2020. [Photo/Staff] Water police were on training class on August 6, 2020. [Photo/Staff] Water rescue robot featured with A-shaped design which enables it to float on water, with remote control distance up to 1500 meters via remote controller. It's equipped with double propellers to go at speeds of 7m/s, which is 25.2km/h ( reaches 30 meters in about 4.2 seconds; and reaches 60 meters in about 8.5 seconds), saving people real quick to let them breath while reducing the risk. Water police using water rescue robot at Yangtze River on August 6, 2020. [Photo/Staff] As a new rescue equipment of Yangtze River, it overall strengthens the rescue ability of both stations, and provides better performance for future water rescue work.
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  • Water rescue robot R1 executes flood fighting drill in Yangzhou
    Jan 28, 2021 Water rescue robot R1 executes flood fighting drill in Yangzhou
    Flood fighting drill in Yangzhou kicked off on Thursday (2p.m.), October 11. in places such as city command center, Gaoyou, and Guazhou, respectively, using water rescue robot R1. Rescue team tests the product at shore, on October 11, 2020. [Photo/Staff] Water rescue robot R1 played a main role in the drill, joined and executed by rescue teaam, Jiangsu service center and R&D personnel. Water rescue robot R1 uses One-Key Auto Return in Yangzhou, on October 11, 2020. [Photo/Staff] After being arranged and guided by the command department, the rescue team members prepared in an orderly manner for the drill. After dispatching the rescue robot, they reached the drowner at 50 meters in just 7 seconds, which is 7m/s. R1 loaded the drowner and automatically returned to the shore, thus successfully completing the mission. During this monsoon, R1 makes the most of what it has got for this situation and rescues people in its maximum capacity. Water rescue robot R1 loads drowner and sends him back to shore in Yangzhou, on October 11, 2020. [Photo/Staff] In the future, R1 will also be upgraded in the this field, and will contribute more power to saving those in need of help on water.
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  •  Meet R1, the water rescue robot transports 0.5 tons of goods
    Jan 28, 2021 Meet R1, the water rescue robot transports 0.5 tons of goods
    If you have seen some movies where there were robots saving people from drowning or transporting people or goods on water, then it’s time to see something real. R1, a remote-controlled lifebuoy, has successfully saved a drowning person and hauled and transported a ship weighing 0.5 tons of goods. Also, there’s something else beyond your imagination. R1, is designed to be driven to a person who’s in need of help in water and also haul and transport goods like aid supplies to those in need in trouble. R1 has two propellers with propulsion similar to a jet ski, which can make itself move through strong currents and rough surf, zipping along at the speed of 25.2km/h which is more than 2 times faster than a professional swimmer. In this case, R1 could be fair enough to say it could be a more effective method of sea rescue especially when it comes to the moment at stake. Water Rescue Robot R1 “We want something that can cut down the percentage of being risky to the lowest, as life-saving is eternal career not only for us, but for those who see lives as importance”, “and this is what we want the most”, Kevin Smith, CEO who works in private aid and rescue institution and is a special consultant for emergency team in government, added. On the outside, A-shaped case design enables R1 to meet fluid mechanics that reduces resistance and stabilizes the ride for passenger on the way. With reflective strips and red and yellow colors featured, it will just make R1 highly visible in over distances and in bad weather. With the remote control being able to control it to execute rescue operations more than 1500 meters, it means it can be deployed in a long distance missions. In addition, moving in and out of rocks, debris and wrecks is of importance for the electric life-saving buoy. R1 can make such things come true in reverse, avoiding much trouble during rescue. While R1’s obviously the emergency flotation and rescue device with buoyancy equivalent to 4 swim rings for those in need of help on water, R1 can also deliver life jackets, or can drag boat loaded aid supplies weighing 500kg through surf or currents. As research and development in water rescue industry moves forward, there’s always something that can replace what was used before. R1, however, has come into our life and shown what it can do for those who are in need of help during urgent rescue missions by saving and transporting aid supplies. It will, no doubt, bring better development and future in our society.
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