JTT unmanned emergency rescue equipment at the 19th China International Firefighting Exhibition 2021 Oct 18, 2021

The 19th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition (CHINA FIRE 2021) was held in Beijing from October 12 to 15, 2021. "CHINA FIRE" is the largest and most influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event sponsored by China Fire Protection Association, which has been successfully held for 18 times and has become an important channel for government and fire departments at all levels to purchase fire equipment and equipment.

Shenzhen JTT Co., Ltd. with unmanned emergency rescue equipment in Beijing, the exhibition number: E4-202,203

C85 industrial drone
C85 industrial drone consists of aerial vehicle, mount, remote control and accessories, easy to use and easy to carry, and it takes less than 30 seconds to unfold to the use state. It adopts intelligent flight control system, dual redundant sensing system with advanced functions such as TOF obstacle avoidance system and optical flow positioning system to improve safety. The remote control integrates software system, data chain system and HD image transmission system, and connects with C85 aircraft to display real-time HD images in the remote control screen, and the effective transmission distance can reach up to 5KM.

T60 Industrial Drone
The T60 Industrial UAV consists of a vehicle, ground station, mount, remote control and accessories to speed up and enhance the rescue process at sea by using an unmanned aerial vehicle to create the world's leading rescue service. The ground station live-streams the rescue situation on site to give rescue decisions; the remote control extends the range to achieve 10km ultra-long distance rescue.
The T60 ground station serves as the operational command center for the entire UAS, and its control includes: the flight process of the vehicle, the black box flight trajectory data, the mission function of the payload, and the normal operation of the communication link.

R2 Water Rescue Robot
R2 water rescue robot is a government emergency, all kinds of private water rescue organizations standard rescue equipment, specifically applied to pools, reservoirs, rivers, beaches, yachts, ferries and other scenes in the water rescue. With remote control mode, support front and back double-sided driving, automatic switching mode, support the maximum 20 meters high altitude throwing use. Optional UAV to form an air-sea integrated system, control distance of more than 5 km.

R1 water rescue robot
R1 water rescue robot is used in water search and rescue, fire rescue, traction and towing, rescue and transportation. Rescue robot can use remote control / native dual mode control, its built-in unmanned control chip, intelligent auxiliary correction course, and has infrared intelligent body detection, a key return, loss of control return, reverse gear and other practical functions, is the standard rescue equipment for government emergency, all kinds of civil water rescue organizations, suitable for the sea, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and other water rescue application scenarios, but also the standard rescue of ships Equipment, and can meet the military and other specific rescue tasks when the systematization of functional customization. Optional drones to form an air-sea integrated system, control distance of more than 5 km.

T1 water rescue boat
T1 water rescue boat is widely used in the sea, inland rivers, ferries, urban flooding and other emergency rescue scenarios in the water rescue work; miniaturized storage, transport, automatic water identification, up to 4-6 people can be rescued, suitable for large-scale water rescue scenarios. The unmanned water rescue boat is made of special PVC material, with excellent airtightness, abrasion resistance, and long service life; there are multiple fixed grips and grab ropes on the outside of the product, making it easy for people who fall into the water to hold on; the biggest highlight is the fully sealed structure, with automatic inflation at the touch of a button and an inflation time of less than three minutes.

Intelligent Positioning Alarm Life Jacket
The Intelligent Positioning Alarm Life Jacket is a closed-cell foam life jacket specifically designed for flood control and disaster relief, and can be used to rescue people in extreme water conditions. The life jacket is equipped with a PFD self-rescue device on the front chest and a traction rope connection pull ring on the back, as well as a whistle, reflective strip, strobe positioning light, SOS positioning alarm, etc.; with positioning functions, in the cell phone APP and background management platform can display the position of the locator, power, track, etc., in an emergency rescue personnel can send a distress alert to the platform through SOS one key. It can transmit location information at any time, greatly improving the efficiency of rescue operations.

Water emergency rescue system
Water emergency rescue system is used for water emergency rescue site command center system, the system provides emergency management personnel in the emergency scene command center outside the premises of the emergency multi-party command, so that the participants can be in the face of emergency response, flood relief, accidental fall into the water and other aspects of the front and rear command to provide a timely response. The system includes on-site dispatching console, front command center equipment, mobile on-site command center, mobile dispatching console equipment, etc. It is suitable for units and departments such as firefighting forces, watershed emergency management department and large production enterprises.
The water emergency rescue system adopts C / S, B / S hybrid, multi-layer system architecture, the water emergency rescue system (air inspection system, water rescue system, operating platform AI safety warning system, operator drowning prevention monitoring and warning system, etc.), alarm linkage, etc. all integrated to form a unified platform system, to meet the emergency rescue needs of the water, greatly reducing the difficulty of using the system, management efficiency Significantly improve.
The system can be widely used in flood relief, seaside security, water management, firefighting, traffic command, border patrol, emergency management, troops, large security, etc.

This China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition is huge in scale, high in technology, wide in coverage and large in turnover, and is widely concerned by the domestic and international firefighting community. The unmanned emergency rescue equipment and solutions of Shenzhen JTT Co., Ltd. were well received and praised by the industry experts and visitors at the exhibition.

JTT belongs to Shenzhen City Investment Group, with a registered capital of 50 million, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of intelligent emergency rescue system, integrating the research, production and marketing of unmanned emergency rescue equipment and solutions in air, land and water. JTT mainly integrates sea, land and air multi-dimensional space, with intelligent perception and cognition, intelligent decision-making and autonomous cooperative control of unmanned system system, research advanced and reliable emergency rescue technology, develop efficient and sophisticated technology and equipment, build a new generation of emergency rescue system, to provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of high-quality scientific rescue.

JTT has a strong R & D laboratory and sales network all over the world, JTT R & D team is large and professional, advanced and perfect R & D equipment, under the unremitting efforts of the R & D team, has developed a number of products such as emergency rescue drones, water rescue robots, land fire rescue robots, water rescue boats, intelligent life jackets, intelligent emergency rescue management system, etc. JTT has JTT has corresponding sales networks at home and abroad, so that it can give full play to the advantages of government, research, production and marketing, and quickly deliver unmanned emergency rescue equipment and systems to all parts of the world to protect the lives and property of local residents.

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