Fire Fighting Rescue Jul 02, 2020
Background & Demands

Every year, behind the number of successful rescues or losses, the lives of firefighters/victims matter. Owing to this, the unmanned fire rescue solution can reduce losses and bring high-efficiency in fire fighting and disaster relief: fire fighting robot L1, which can act as a firefighter to realize on-site reconnaissance, emergency fire fighting, exhausting with strong wind fan, patrolling, supplies delivery, and destructive explosion prevention, greatly reducing the risk of firefighters. Drone T60 equipped with fire extinguishing payload, can fly to 60-100 meters high fire point, within 1 minute, and through shooting ABC superfine dry powder for early emergency, it can extinguish the fire to avoid the problems of fire truck ladder restrictions, firefighter climbing restrictions, climbing path restrictions, and long waiting times.

Solution Applications & Advantages

On-site danger detection

There are many types of fire scenes, such as solid fires, gas fires, electrified fires, etc. In addition to the hazards from the outside, there are also other potential dangers from the inside, which tend to bring risks to firefighters when performing tasks. Fire Fighting Robot L1 adopts a steel closed structure and can be equipped with a top-mounted reconnaissance module (which can monitor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, toxic and harmful gases, and can realize audio and video calls, etc.), enter the fire scene in advance, check the scene through video, find the source of the fire or survivors and send the information back to the workstation to provide firefighters with better information to judge the danger and then implement rescue.
Emergency fire extinguishing

Fire Fighting Robot L1 can act as a firefighter in front-line operations in scenarios such as chemical explosions, high temperatures, and fires. It supports 5200N traction, and can drag two 100m long φ80 hoses filled with water to walk, and use the hoses to extinguish fires for a long period of time. It has a natural air-cooling system, which can cool down by itself. It can protect itself while extinguishing fires when encountering a high-temperature fire. It can also perform emergency fire extinguishing tasks with firefighters.
Strong wind discharges toxic gases and smoke

Polyvinyl chloride, nylon, wool, silk burned at fire scenes or some building materials burned can release carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide that is prone to poisoning and suffocation, especially during and after the accident, the gas still exists In residential areas and other places. Fire Fighting Robot L1 can be equipped with strong wind smoke exhaust fan, which can effectively exhaust smoke in a wide range, with the exhaust volume reaching 15000-50000m³/h, and quickly solve the respiratory health problems caused by toxic gas surrounding.
High-rise fire fighting

Fires in high-rise buildings often occur. Even if there are sufficient and sophisticated fire fighting equipment, such as fire trucks and ladders, the fires are not controlled in time and may reach worse conditions due to height restrictions. The T60 drone equipped with a fire extinguishing payload and a high-definition camera can fly to a tall building of 60-100 meters high within 1 minute through its flight control system and shoot superfine dry powder to the places on fire, so as to calm down the fire before fire fighters arrive. At the same time, the videos returned by the video transmission system of the camera can be used to observe the internal fire situation in real time and better decisions can be made.

Drone T60 equipped with fire extinguishing payload
Drone T60 is composed of an aircraft, a ground station, a payload, a remote control, and accessories. Equipped with a fire extinguishing payload, drone T60 can be applied to class A, B, C, D, & E fire scenes for fire fighting. It can quickly extinguish fires or calm down the spread of fire. The ground station however can go live showing rescue situations on the screen for rescuers or decision makers

Fire extinguishing payload applicable to class A, B, C, D, & E fire scenes

It can be equipped with a variety of payloads, which can realize real-time interaction between the primary scene and the command center at a long distance

Built-in long-distance HD video transmission device, with maximum distance up to 20 kilometers

Ground station can transmit the videos back to the screen, plan routes for drone and control payload

Fire Fighting Robot L1
Fire Fighting Robot L1 is composed of a robot body, top-mounted equipment - water cannon, smoke exhaust fan, various sensors, supplies delivery basket, robotic arm - a remote control terminal, and an integrated management and control cloud platform. It integrates the functions of fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust, reconnaissance, explosion removal, demolition, and material transportation. With innovative system design concepts, the loading equipment has standard control interfaces & fast loading and unloading interfaces. Higher efficiency. Multiple uses. Lower cost.

Robot body adopts 16mm steel closed structure & waterproof design applicable to various complex environments

Carry and tow two 100m long & φ80 hoses filled with water with great traction to work under dangerous situations
HD video transmission to realize remote monitoring
Strong obstacle crossing ability, able to climb obstacles at a large angle
Accessible to integrated management and control cloud platform

1.Reconnoiter on-site situation, and find the source of fire for fire fighters by sending videos back
2. The robot can act as a firefighter, and work together with the firefighter to extinguish the fire, increasing work efficiency
3. smoke exhaust fan, aiming at large-scale poisonous gas and smog accidents, makes strong wind to disperse them compared to natural wind.
4. To extinguish a fire in a high-rise building, the drone can skip the height of the ladder and the escape structure inside the building, and directly reach the fire point to extinguish the fire


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