Hainan Flood Control and Rescue Team use R1 as a rescue equipment Dec 16, 2020

JTT Rescue Case Information


August 10, 2020


Hainan, China

Challenges & tasks

Saving a kid in swift water


Unmanned rapid rescue


Rescued in 21 seconds from 150 meters


Water Rescue Robot R1

Case description

Marine firefighters and rescuers in Hainan are getting trained through a marine rescue lesson about how to operate a new remote controlled buoy, the Water Rescue Robot R1, during flood control and rescue, which enables them to save lives without setting foot in the water.

Rescue Class Given by Emergency Department Using R1

The new device has been deployed following a series of incident along the river, for example, the device was put into action for the first time at the weekend. They firstly used it to patrol on water as it supports APP where they can see the situation through the app, then there’s a kid accidentally fell into the river, but luckily they were right patrolling then they set the route on screen and went to save the kid from which it was swift water down under. The duration of going to reach the kid only takes 21 seconds from 150 meters.

Rescue Robot R1 on the Way

“It’s just a few minutes away from getting helpless when one gets drowned on water. So Water Rescue Robot R1 is of a smart lifebuoy that provides a few quite pivotal moments before emergency service gets there.” Said Zhen He, a member of marine rescuer in Hainan.

Business Pain Points

1.Lack of rapid rescue device along the river
2.There’s usually a strong current down the water where victim might be moving
3.When winter comes, it’s making it harder to save a person immediately
4.There might be lots of kids playing along the river, causing risks of getting drowned

Solutions & Advantages
1.Water rescue robot R1 can go at the speeds of 7m/s
2.It can be put along the river where people can get and throw it into the river and get the rescue operation started whenever they need
3.It supports APP where you can set the route on

Results & Values
1. It takes shorter time to launch a rescue operation before the rescuers get there
2. It saves cost of staff patrolling along the river and it goes faster when patrolling while using App on their phone

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