• Underwater Robot
    Underwater Robot P2
    Underwater Robot P2
    Underwater robot P2 is a light industrial-grade underwater robot designed for professional users, government agencies, enterprises and organizations. It adopts 8-thruster full-vector layout, which can realize 360-degree movement. Compared with JTT-P1, the motor power is upgraded by 50%, the maximum speed is 4 knots, the depth is 150 meters, and the maximum horizontal radius is 400 meters. The ROV can support a mixture of AC and battery power for unlimited endurance. In addition to general accessories such as robot arm, searchlight and laser caliper, it also supports a variety of exclusive ROV advanced accessories such as high-light screen control box, multi-interface docking station, 700Wh battery, USBL underwater positioning, multi-beam image sonar and external camera. Built-in 4K/12 megapixel EIS anti-shake camera, 4000 lumen LED light, removable/replaceable battery, and pluggable Micro SD card. The aluminum alloy compact body (weight less than 6KG) can be quickly deployed in 3 minutes by single operator, making it as a lightweight, easy-to-use and reliable light industrial grade underwater robot. 

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