JTT Rescue’s air-sea drones helps Nanning SWAT save victims Aug 04, 2021

On July 30, a water rescue drill was conducted by water rescue police and SWAT from all substations, called up by SWAT detachment of Nanning police station, in Nanning, the capital and largest city by population of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China, in order to improve water rescue quality of all the police of the city, and to provide rapid rescue operations against floods for citizens. This drill broke the traditional rescue method by having water rescue robot, drone and other advanced rescue equipment jointly participated in this drill first time ever.

JTT water rescue drill with water rescue robot

SWAT team member was controlling water rescue robot. (Photo: Guangxi TV)

water rescue robot R2

Water rescue robot R2 was bringing the drowning person back. (Photo: Guangxi TV)

At 8:30 a.m., hundreds of SWAT teammates and police representatives were ready to begin the drill. Subsequently, one of the police operates drone C85 to fly up, and look for victims getting drowned on the water through C85’s smart remote control that displays videos on the screen. All of sudden, the police found out that there’s a victim struggling up and down the water, then he located the person and commanded the drone to drop and release the life-saving bag to the person, letting him breathe properly. Then, R1 and R2 water rescue robots were launched and switched on integrated air-sea rescue mode with the drone to enable them to follow where the drone went, realizing longer rescue distance and bring-back rescue service to the victims. They took them back to the shore while controlling the drone only. During the drill, underwater frogmen rescue was conducted as well, within just 3mins (the golden rescue time is within 4 minutes), three victims were rescued. The whole drill was executed intensively and orderly, embodying the great advance and seamless connectivity between people and technology.

JTT aims to make rescue more advanced and more scientific with newly developed technology and equipment, in order to improve the skills of controlling drone, water rescue robot and so on, for fire department and related departments, with actions taken for guaranteeing citizens’ safety.

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