JTT’s water rescue robot to help rescue efforts in Henan floods Jul 30, 2021
Since July 16, there had been extreme weather and storm in many places in Henan, the province in central china, causing floods that were threatening the people’s safety and destroying the properties. As of 12p.m., July 26,  rainfall has caused 69 deaths, damaged 1,558 villages and towns, as well as over 150 districts and counties of Henan province.

On the morning of July 27, JTT with 8 teammates of BSR(Blue Sky Rescue) in Hunan go to Henan province, carrying relevant supplies and equipment as well as 2 pieces of water rescue robot R2, to conduct patrolling rescue work and so on.

water rescue robot R2

BSR rescue team deploys JTT water rescue robot R2 after they arrive on July 27. (Photo:JTT)

The water rescue robot R2s (hereinafter called R2) brought by the teammates are most advanced water rescue equipment in relevant fields which can greatly lower the death and injury rate during the process of rescuing.

R2 doesn’t operator to ride on the robot to rescue, but only through remote control to conduct the operations. In addition, R2 can link with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) by using one remote control to realize air-sea rescue, which means R2 follows wherever the drone goes, so as to more accurately reach and rescue someone who is possibly drowning. R2 can also set and plan routes on application, and feature one-key return and one-key start-off, realizing the most efficient and safer rescue operations.

The rescue operation is still ongoing, and subsequently, BSR center in Hunan will gradually dispatch teammates to go to Henan, in order to assist with conducting rescue works.

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