Water Rescue Robot R2 against Flood for Citizens’ Safety Jul 01, 2021
Facing the flood season from April to September every year, constant heavy rain in many parts of China leads to grim situation, impacting on citizens in the society. And it’s getting lots of attentions. So how to make rescue work base on water logging treatment, flood prevention and people livelihood protection?

In recent years, there have been many reports of black technology on water rescue in flood fighting and disaster relief. Among them, the relevant units introduced water rescue robot R2 as rescue equipment, optimized emergency plans, strengthened the equipment, and improved their emergency response capabilities. They have received media reports and praise from the public.

Water Rescue Robot

So what are the characteristics of R2 as an upgraded version of R1? Why is it so popular? Water rescue robot R2 can rescue overboard in swimming pools, reservoirs, rivers, beaches, ferries and other scenes. It can be remotely controlled and supports 20-meter high-altitude throw from high places such as bridge. It then can quickly rescue people getting drowned. On the water, it supports driving on both sides of the front and back. After touching the water, rescuers do not need to worry about weather its side will be turned over and thus it might not be able to drive properly, but both sides work. Integrated air-sea system is optional to be equipped, and the system can greatly enhance its kilometers to 5km or above.

It can also be equipped with an unmanned aerial vehicle to form an air-sea integrated system, and the control distance can be increased to more than 5 kilometers.


20-meter throw
Double-sided use
Speeds at 7.8m/s
1600m RC range
Towing capacity≥400kg
35kg Buoyancy
Two-way audio
Navigation light
Multiple return modes
Multiple payloads optional

Establish an emergency plan and safeguard mechanism to prepare for the deployment of rescue equipment, and then participate in rescue drills as rescue equipment to fully serve as a rescue security guarantee for flood fighting and flood prevention.

Phase 1: Establish an Emergency Plan and Safeguard Mechanism

When water rescue robot R2 responds to the diverse situations in flood control and prevention, it supports different payloads and they are suitable for complex and diverse application scenarios faced during rescue missions. In addition, R2 also supports product customization development.

1.1 Payloads and Product Customization

According to users’ needs, we can offer optional payloads such as speaker, video transmission system, alarm, searchlight, life-saving bag and so on. R2 can also be customized in terms of your needs.

Phase 2: Deploy Emergency Rescue Equipment

Good product quality is particularly important in the deployment of flood control equipment, which is a key node. Water rescue robot R2 meets the relevant qualifications and is easy for daily maintenance. And it’s got good reviews.

2.1 Certifications

Water rescue robot R2 has passed multiple tests including China Classification Society (CCS) and Testing Center of Marine Life-saving Appliances(TCMLA)

2.2 Product Demonstration

Water Rescue Robot R2 takes part in demonstration in which its design, functions and specifications are advantageous, getting praises from leaders.

emergency rescue robot

2.3 Cases

Many authorities have adopted R2 as their new equipment.

Phase 3: Start Rescue Drills
Rescue drills is one of the essential parts in flood control and prevention. JTT provides specialists to follow up the whole process, including display, training, and having rescue drills, for your needs.

3.1 Training
JTT can, in terms of customers’ needs, provide an on-site training by using the robot while introducing how R2 works in an emergency rescue of flood control and prevention.

3.2 Easy to Use
The speed and directions of water rescue robot R2 is controlled by the remote control joysticks, and it can be operated to go back home or reverse when something is in its way. The overall experience is more like a game controller simulation, allowing the front-line personnel to quickly master it. It also brings lower learning and time costs to the team, and can respond to emergency rescue tasks more quickly and freely.

Phase 4: Flood Control and Prevention with Efforts Put in an All-around Way
In the emergency rescue work of flood fighting and flood prevention, speed, efficiency and application are the keys to the implementation of emergency rescue. The water rescue robot R2, as a black technology for water rescue, can greatly help rescuers in the rescue process and save the lives immediately.

4.1 Immediate Respond
When performing missions, R2 can follow vessels, or directly be thrown from high places such as bridges to set off for rescue, and can also carry out work alone. When coming to the surface, it would be either one side or another, however both sides work without being affected during the missions. Its speed is at  7.8m/s, which is equivalent to four times the speed of a swimming champion.

Emergency Rescue Equipment

4.2 Smart Rescue
Water Rescue Robot R2 supports integrated air-sea rescue mode where R2 can cooperate with drone to rescue. When it happens, drone can monitor and send back the videos while R2 can follow where the drone goes and realize long distance rescue. The distance reaches up to 5km.

4.3 Well-rescued either at Day or at Night
Water Rescue Robot R2, equipped with navigation lights and rescue rope, can be clearly spotted on water. Its rescue rope design is also convenient for drowning person to grasp.

4.4 Diversified Extensions
Optional extensions for Water Rescue Robot R2 can adapt to different needs of application scenarios, including auto cruise, speaking, supplies delivery, lighting, video transmission, 5G remote dispatch and so on.

Driving method:Double-sided use
Battery life:≥50min
High-altitude throw:≥20m
RC range:1600m

GPS/BDS positioning: featuring Auto Return, it will get back to the original place, with accuracy ≤2m, when the signal is lost and the battery life is lower than 20%. It also has One-Key return.
The route can be planned through remote controller. And water rescue robot can cruise automatically via the route planned.
Water rescue robot can be thrown to water from 20-meter-high place such as bridge.
Water Rescue Robot can cooperate with drone to realize air-sea rescue. Drone can transmit videos live to the back end. And water rescue robot can follow the flight trajectory of the drone to make long-distance
rescue come true.
RC deign: It indicates water rescue robot’s power and RC’s power
Double sided use features normal operation and enables double sides of driving even if there’s wind and wave to roll it over.
Payloads optional: Speaker, searchlight, alarm, video transmission device are optional for water rescue robot R2

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