R1 & C85丨USV and UAV rescue a drowning victim in the Gold Coast, Australia Dec 16, 2020

JTT Rescue Case Information

Oct 21, 2019
Gold Coast, Australia
Challenges & tasks
Emergency Rescuing in the very early morning
Solution Integrated air-sea solution
Quickly & urgently rescued in an unmanned way
Water Rescue Robot R1 & Drone C85

Case Description
On October 21 2019, there was a victim who was rescued by JTT’s Water Rescue Robot R1, an unmanned surface vessel(USV) deployed in the Gold Coast, Australia. It’s often rare to see such case using USV to rescue a person at sea, even on a global scale.

Rescue Robot R1 & Drone C85

According to beach management office, the person accidentally fell into the sea at 5 am. Which there are rarely people swimming and playing this early. But the usual work is he basically uses drone C85 to monitor and uses R1 to patrol together. Then he found something weird at sea, as seen a person who was up and down the surface, through drone’s remote control screen and autonomous GPS navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance function. Plus, R1 follows where drone goes via air-sea linkage.

As they were reaching the victim from afar, approximately 200 meters away, the integrated speaker on the USV comforts “Hi sir, please stay calm. We are coming soon.” 28 seconds after it spoke, the rescue robot arrived. Then it speaks with the victim telling him to grasp it. The victim realized there’s something he can grasp of, then he held it finally. Eventually, he was sent back to the shore with rescue robot R1 and with drone C85 above watching him.

That was a collaboration system between the drone and water rescue robot that help rescue those who drown, using air-sea linkage where beach guard can check out where the victim is while the robot is following the drone and reaching to save the victim.

Business Pain Points
1. Few people at the beach in the early morning which makes it harder to rescue in time
2. One person cannot carry much of the rescue kits to execute rescue
3. It’s basically slow to reach a person while he or she is getting drowned
4. It’s hard to supervise the whole area to see if there’s an abnormal situation

Solutions & Advantages
1. Integrated air-sea solution(drone C85 & rescue robot R1) provides farther sight and range to rescue
2. Drone supports GPS where it can locate where the victim is
3. Rescue robot R1 can be equipped with speaker and other payloads to better function in many different rescue application scenes
4. Patrolling at the beach using drone and rescue robot together enhances the work efficiency day and night

Results & Values

1. Compared with the traditional method of rescuing, air-sea rescue surely increases the efficiency and safety as a new solution
2. Air-sea solution saves much cost, having its unique searching capability
3. Traditionally, staff charges weekly or monthly but devices are operated without time limit, increasing work efficiency and meaning less cost of supervising the beach and water area
4. It also lowers the risk of beach guards who try to rescue those in need of help, as they would meet sea currents and unknown danger sometimes

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