Water Rescue Robot R1 Delivers Supplies Dec 16, 2020

JTT Rescue Case Information

September 25, 2020
Hubei, China
Challenges & tasks
Supplies needed in a place away from the coast
Marine First Aid Supplies Delivery
Delivered supplies to a person stuck and wounded
Water Rescue Robot R1

Case Description

Water Rescue Robot R1 was launched in the open sea for transporting supplies under an emergency on water.

Water Rescue Robot R1 is a surface rescue robots independently developed by JTT. It is propelled by electric propellers and has a load of 500kg. It is fast and portable, and can continuously resupply those in need or stuck or wounded in a place far from where medical team can’t reach or can’t arrive as soon as possible.

The incident happened while the pandemic was still ongoing. According to beach management office, there were two people came to a place, and one of them slipped to the ground and hit the rock by his knee, and he thought he was seriously wounded as he couldn’t stand properly. There’s no other way to ask for help but to get back but he was wounded and he couldn’t leave him. So he called and told the office what’s going on and what he needed, then after located, the office used Water Rescue Robot R1 with an APP that shows the app to realize Marine First Aid Supplies Delivery for them to handle and stop the bleeding and everything that made him feel worse. The office clicked the place and then 2 minutes after it was launched, it arrived at the point. The guy then opened the supplies and got what he needed. Shortly afterwards, he’s gradually feeling better and then he supported him with his hand to slowly get back.

R1 with the supplies on reached the destination

JTT’s unmanned surface vehicles can realize First Aid Supplies Delivery by loading a medical box loaded with supplies the wounded needs through remote control and APP that supports to avoid human contacts even in special periods.

Business Pain Points
1.A lack of medical supplies in a place far from coast
2.Marine medical aid mostly include human contacts
3.It often takes long for a medical team to arrive

Solutions & Advantages
1.Water rescue robot R1 can go at the speeds of 7m/s
2.It can be deployed and launched according to the location through APP
3.It can carry a box filled with medical aids to a designated place

Results & Values
1.It takes shorter to reach a place with medical aids where medical teams mostly take long to arrive in
2.Before medical service team arrives, it can be helpful using the first aids
3.In a place where medical team is hard to come in, it’s more likely useful to help deliver, with less cost

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