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    Marine Search and Rescue Equipment R2 Pro
    Marine Search and Rescue Equipment R2 Pro
    Water Rescue Robot R2 Pro is a standard rescue equipment suitable for government emergency, private aid groups, and SAR organizations. It's applicable to swimming pool, reservior, river, beach, and yachts and ferries rescue management. Compared with the water rescue robot R2 , the R2 Pro has more comprehensive functions. It has remote control and manual operations, supports double-sided driving, supports real-time image transmission, supports 25-meter high-altitude throwing, and has a battery life of up to 85 minutes. The Water Rescue Robot R2 Pro is equipped with a grab bar, which is convenient for the trapped person to grasp the robot, and can drag 4 people at the same time. .The Water Rescue Robot R2 Pro can be operated quickly in dangerous situations, it improves the efficiency of rescue while ensuring the safety of rescuers.

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