Water rescue robot becomes new rescue equippment of Yangtze River Jul 02, 2020
In order to further enhance the Yangtze River's water emergency rescue force, water rescue robot joined the Huangshi Police Station and the Ezhou Police Station as a "new comrade" in August, as the new rescue equipment of the police stations for water patrol and rescue.

Water police using water rescue robot at Yangtze River [Photo/Staff]

Police from Huangshi substation's water rescue division and related water police went to the police stations of the two cities to teach and train the police of the whole stations. The police were required to know how to operate rescue robots and know features of them as soon as possible to ensure the formation of water rescue in the shortest time.

Water police were on training class [Photo/Staff]

Water police were on training class [Photo/Staff]

Water rescue robot featured with A-shaped design which enables it to float on water, with remote control distance up to 1500 meters via remote controller. It's equipped with double propellers to go at speeds of 7m/s, which is 25.2km/h ( reaches 30 meters in about 4.2 seconds; and reaches 60 meters in about 8.5 seconds), saving people real quick to let them breath while reducing the risk.

Water police using water rescue robot at Yangtze River [Photo/Staff]

As a new rescue equipment of Yangtze River, it overall strengthens the rescue ability of both stations, and provides better performance for future water rescue work.

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