• Air Rescue
    Background & Demands The efficiency of law enforcement in waters and traffic is often easily affected by external factors, such as blind spots caused by water terrain and traffic congestion, leading to long waiting time, & high human resource costs, etc., when searching. However, when drones are involved in rescuing, they can help public security, urban traffic control departments, maritime firefighting departments, and other departments to solve the pain points and problems during tasks. Solution Applications & Advantages Marine police support When drone C85/T60 is flying and patrolling in the air, it can take a wider view and even cover the blind spot of the cape through 20x/30x HD zoom. If the drones find an abnormality, the drone can locate, track the suspicious situation, transmit the pictures in real time, and provide longer time for marine police to make rescue decisions, and can avoid the loss caused by the failure to save victims in time. After the mission is completed, drones can return home with one button and return to the automatic apron to recharge itself, providing sufficient power for the next mission. Water rescue The C85/T60 UAV equipped with a four-in-one device or a two-in-one device can locate a person who falls into the water by HD camera and comfort him/her by speaker. It can also drop and release life-saving bag while checking out on-site situations in order to carry out emergency rescue. Traffic command If a traffic accident causes a congestion on the road, the police can only get off the car at a distance and walk to the scene which wastes lots of time. Yet, a traffic accident is usually blocked for one or two hours, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Through using drones to take pictures and videos of the scenes that transmit back to the ground station, the police can know the exact situation in time before making any decisions, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy. If it needs to work for a long time by checking out the congestion or car accident, it also supports connecting through tethering system, so it can surely work without considering low battery. Products Drone Parking Apron System The system includes background software control center, external environment monitoring system(weather station), parking apron, and drone. The apron, with case protection structure, can realize: unmanned supervision automatic lifting automatic charging robot battery replacement data reporting for external and internal situation Tethered System The tethered drone system consists of a high-voltage power supply, tethered photoelectric cables and tethered cases. The flying height is 60-100 meters, and it can be operated manually or remotely. The UAV flying platform can realize various application scenarios by installing different payloads applicable to different missions. It can switch target with all movable equipment such as people, vehicles, ships and so on. It is mainly used for: Battery charging emerg...

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