Water rescue robot R1 executes flood fighting drill in Yangzhou Jan 28, 2021

Flood fighting drill in Yangzhou kicked off on Thursday (2p.m.), October 11. in places such as city command center, Gaoyou, and Guazhou, respectively, using water rescue robot R1.

Rescue team tests the product at shore, on October 11, 2020. [Photo/Staff]

Water rescue robot R1 played a main role in the drill, joined and executed by rescue teaam, Jiangsu service center and R&D personnel.

Water rescue robot R1 uses One-Key Auto Return in Yangzhou, on October 11, 2020. [Photo/Staff]

After being arranged and guided by the command department, the rescue team members prepared in an orderly manner for the drill. After dispatching the rescue robot, they reached the drowner at 50 meters in just 7 seconds, which is 7m/s.

R1 loaded the drowner and automatically returned to the shore, thus successfully completing the mission. During this monsoon, R1 makes the most of what it has got for this situation and rescues people in its maximum capacity.

Water rescue robot R1 loads drowner and sends him back to shore in Yangzhou, on October 11, 2020. [Photo/Staff]

In the future, R1 will also be upgraded in the this field, and will contribute more power to saving those in need of help on water.

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